Volunteer Needed! Audubon in the Schools Program Coordinator

This Lane Audubon program, which provides grade school visits with instructors and bird-related specimens, is making a comeback this spring!

Our small group of committed volunteers is planning to teach a few classroom groups, and hope by doing so to breathe new energy into this wonderful program.

We have two new volunteers and are looking for more who are interested in shadowing the well-seasoned teachers in order to get a feel for the experience. With further training and working together, we hope to offer more in-school programs going forward.

Please get in touch if you want to find out more, and/or if you think you’d like to help us engage classrooms of students with bird specimens and drawing exercises.

The kids love it, and you may too!

For more information, contact Maeve Sowles at 541.343.8664, or maeveanddick@q.com