Audubon Adventures: Classrooms Seek Sponsors

“Go Wild for Birds” is the theme of the Audubon Adventures classroom materials set for the 2016/2017 school year. This award-winning environmental educational program introduces students to the fundamental principles by which the natural world functions. Interest is stimulated and reinforced through a combination of fascinating printed newsletters and exciting online components.

This year’s materials include three complete learning modules:

Wild About Birds This printed magazine introduces students to the astounding diversity of birds, from body type and color to habitat. They discover the behaviors that help a particular species survive in a specific place. Students are introduced to John James Audubon, the 19th-century naturalist whose paintings of birds are now considered to be national treasures, both as works of art and as works of scientific accuracy.

Owl Prowl A second printed magazine focuses on the mysterious and endearing world of owls. When it comes to adaptation, these big-eyed raptors are equipped with the tools of the hunter: keen eyesight, powerful feet with sharp talons, a ripping hooked beak, and special feathers that allow silent flight on their (mostly) nocturnal forays for food.

Waterbirds A third printed magazine takes a close look at waterbirds.It details the physical and behavioral characteristics that help them survive in water habitats. Students discover the role waterbirds play in a healthy ecosystem, and why their survival hinges on the continuation of their ecosystem’s health.

Developed by professional educators, the Audubon Adventures materials are designed for students in grades 3 through 6. Lessons can be integrated easily into the existing curriculum areas of science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, and creative arts. Check out the website at 

Through the generous support of LCAS members, Lane Audubon’s Adopt-a-Classroom Program offers free subscriptions to local classrooms for this outstanding educational program. If you would like to sponsor a classroom, please mail a tax-deductible donation of $45, payable to LCAS, to Audubon Adventures, PO Box 5086, Eugene, OR 97405. You can also sponsor a classroom online through the LCAS website: 

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