Maiden Peak Journal - September 14, 2001


Three years ago the Oregon Natural Resources Council invited conservationists from around the state to begin working to promote a new Oregon wilderness bill. Lane County Audubon Society joined the effort at that time by “adopting” the Maiden Peak roadless area to determine its suitability as a wilderness area. We have been exploring the area and educating the general public about its virtues ever since. I report on these activities in periodic installments of the Maiden Peak Journal.

Maiden Peak Journal

September 14, 2001

by Dave Stone

Last month as I gazed down upon Charlton Lake and Gerdine Butte from the top of the Twins, I began to ponder where these unusual names came from. It turns out that the original namer wanted to call the lake "Charleston" and the butte "Geraldine." Back in those days, though, there was a shortage of letters. They had run out of the letter "s" when they named the lake. And since they had used the last "l" on "Charlton," they named the butte "Gerdine." "Improbable," you say? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.