October 26 and Future LCAS Program Meetings: Zoom and/or In Person

When the COVID-19 virus completely shut down our in-person meetings in the spring of 2020, we turned to Zoom to get the programs out to you. What should we do moving forward? At the May LCAS Zoom meeting, a survey was taken and the results indicated that roughly half wanted to return to in-person meetings and the other half were hesitant about gathering in-person. The LCAS Board of Directors hopes to do both. We are hopeful that we can meet in person, but fall meetings may also be Zoomed for those who prefer attending from home, or if COVID guidelines for in-person meetings change.

What is planned for the Autumn Meetings?

On September 28, our first meeting this fall, Noah Strycker is returning to tell us about the Chinstrap Penguins on Elephant Island. (See top of page.)

The last time Noah was a presenter, more than 200 people attended. So, like the last time, we are going to have the event at the University of Oregon in one of their lecture rooms. At this time, we do not have the room number, but we will get that information to you on our website, on Facebook, and through emails. As a warm-up, you can watch a short video about Noah’s research on Elephant Island: youtube.com/watch?v=ZTx3B6-CyxU

On October 26, Gina Roberti, geologist and educator for Mt. Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument, will tell us about the birds on the mountain. The 1980 eruption reshaped the landscape, creating a mosaic of habitat types that are now home to a diverse suite of birds.

On November 23, Ram Papish returns with another program. Ram said that he would like to do a program about his trip to Brazil’s Pantanal. However, that plan may be scrapped because of the COVID-19 situation there. Ram is full of stories and great photographs, so we know whatever he choses to present will be entertaining.

Event Type: 
Zoom and In-person TBA
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - 7:00pm