What Will Our Fall and Winter Program Meetings Look Like?

For many years, Lane County Audubon Society (LCAS) has put on monthly program meetings with very good speakers and interesting programs. Sandy Poinsett sets up chairs, Joyce Baker brings treats, and Ron Renchler greets each guest. Dick Lamster and Maeve Sowles make sure everything is ready. This team wants to continue bringing you enjoyable and educational meetings.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put these meetings on pause. Janet Essley planned to talk about the amazing long-distance migrant, the Red Knot. Bill Sullivan was ready to tell us about his newest book, New Trails in the Central Cascades. Jim Regali and Kit Larsen planned to take us on a trip into central Colombia. But because we all want to stay safe and healthy, those meetings were cancelled.

So what will we do in the fall? More great speakers are already lined up. Can we safely have Audubon meetings before we have a vaccine? This question is hard to answer at this time. Perhaps a larger meeting room could be found, so that the attendees could maintain social distancing. Internet platforms for “live” meetings are another option, some of which can be viewed later online. One of our summer goals will be to find methods that will keep us safe while allowing us to stay connected through our monthly presentations. 

Planned for fall and beyond are several speakers you all know, plus a couple of new ones. Ram Papish is returning for his third presentation in as many years. Ram always brings great enthusiasm and theatrics to his presentations, along with great stories and fantastic photos. This year Ram is taking us to Tanzania and Uganda, where he traveled with his wife, Dawn, and his brother Uri. 

Tyler Hallman is returning, too, to tell us about birding in Indonesia. He is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University. Last year his program focused on changes in bird distribution and abundance in the Willamette Valley over the last forty years. A vicarious trip to Indonesia through Tyler’s eyes will bring the truly exotic to us. He is a very skillful presenter and this is a program that you won’t want to miss.

Jesse Laney will be presenting to us for the first time. Jesse is a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University in the Department of Integrative Biology. He gave several short programs at the 2020 Bird Symposium in January and is planning three short programs for us. One is about the Patagonia Picnic Table Effect, his second focuses on owl pellets, and the last is about Steens Mountain.

Janet Essley and Bill Sullivan are coming back after having their programs cancelled this spring. Rich Hoyer, a professional bird guide, will be the January presenter, and Bob Fleming, a regular favorite, will also be back.

LCAS will bring these presentations to you either in person or through some to-be-determined process. Check out the Lane County Audubon Society web page for details and updates.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 7:00pm