Bird Collisions with Windows

Birds don’t see glass. They see trees and shrubs reflected in the glass and fly toward them or they see a passage through two windows and try to fly through. When a bird collides with a window, they often suffer injury or death.

You can reduce window strikes. Here are some suggestions:

Close curtains and blinds. Move houseplants away from windows. Position your bird feeders close to your windows (within 2 feet) so the birds can’t build up enough momentum to crash into the glass. Consider purchasing or designing patterned window film or netting to cover windows. Apply window decals in a very dense manner.  Hang strips of string or ribbon. You can buy a string system at  or make your own with utility cord that hangs loosely, 4" apart, knotted and hung through holes in a piece of 1x2 cedar.

Migrating birds may be attracted to or disoriented by lights. This may lead to increased bird collisions. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Draw the blinds and curtains when the light is on. Remove floodlights. Direct outdoor lighting downward.

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