Lane County Audubon Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of and education about our natural environment, with a primary focus on birds and other wildlife and their habitats.

Lane County Audubon members know that conservation begins with enjoyment of birds and nature. The chapter sponsors bird walks and field trips every month. For those who cannot participate in those activities, as well as those who want to enrich their outdoor experiences, we hold monthly program meetings featuring speakers and slide shows. Our program meetings are an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people and have a good time.

We provide our members with timely conservation news and opportunities to participate in meaningful advocacy efforts. Each month our conservation chair researches important wildlife issues and delivers an in-depth report to our members, including alerts about legislators who should be contacted or public hearings that should be attended. Lane County Audubon members serve on local boards and advisory committees. Our chapter also commits itself to conservation partnerships to further common goals.

Our monthly newsletter, The Quail, keeps you informed on conservation issues, chapter activities and local bird sightings.

Your participation in Lane County Audubon constitutes your contribution to our natural heritage.