From Our President: Sitting Still in the Right Place Can Offer Bird-Rich Rewards

Some birding groups have held “Big Sit” events where participants gather in a birdy area and watch for any birds that fly, swim, or hop by in order to count them. A contest or a bird count tally might be included. Of course eBird users can also log in the tally for the specific location.

For less experienced birders, it’s a great way to join with more experienced birders to learn from them and see how the birds are identified and counted.

While it has similarities to the Christmas Bird Count, in this case the counters are stationary, so they can focus on watching the birds that move through an area. Many "Big Sit" counts are done during either spring or fall migrations.

Conservation Column: The River Democracy Act of 2021 Would Protect More Oregon Waterways

Riddle: You’re out hiking one day, and you catch glimpses of osprey, kingfishers, American Dippers, herons, perhaps a flycatcher, a woodpecker, a warbling vireo. Where are you?

As you listen to the bird calls, the sun glints off the water but the edges of the stream are cooled by the shade of riparian vegetation. You see flashes of fish, and darting damselflies, hopping frogs, and puddling butterflies. Dare you dream that this river oasis will still be providing habitat in a few years?

Mission Statement and Equity and Diversity Statement

Mission Statement

Lane County Audubon Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of and education about our natural environment, with a primary focus on birds and other wildlife and their habitats.

Equity and Diversity Statement

The birds that Lane County Audubon Society pledges to protect differ in color, size, behavior, geographical preference, and countless other ways. We acknowledge the differences among people and also respect the individuality of each member of our community. We are committed to a community free of any kind of discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and national or ethnic origin. 

Just as biodiversity strengthens natural systems, the diversity of human experience strengthens our conservation efforts for the benefit of nature and all human beings.

We encourage positive change in the community and environment.

Vaux’s Swift Watch – Sunset, April 9 and 16, 2021

The Vaux's Swifts use the chimney at Agate Hall to roost for the night as they gather to feed and recover after migration from the south.

Please join us before sunset on Friday April 9th and April 16th at Agate Hall on the UO campus. We will be at the parking area at 17th and Agate—look for the Audubon banner!

FMI: Lane Audubon Facebook page or web site, or call the Lane Audubon phone at 541.485.2473. You can also check out the Vaux’s Happening website for more information about Vaux’s Swifts: 

Friday, April 9, 2021 - 7:30pm
Agate Hall, UO campus